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Sheet Metal Workers' Local #18 covers the entire state of Wisconsin with the exception of Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas and Iron counties.

Local #18 was established October 1, 1982, as a result of an amalgamation of former locals 24 (Milwaukee), 33 (Fox Valley), 35 (Racine/Kenosha/Walworth), 42 (Fond du Lac/Manitowoc/Sheboygan), 64 (Eau Claire/La Crosse/Wausau), 279 (Madison), and 416 (Janesville).


Code of Excellence Policy

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The National Labor Relations Act states: 

Section 7: "Employees shall have the right to self-organization, to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to bargain collectively through representation of their own choosing, and to engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining..." 

Section 8(a): "It shall be unfair labor practice for an employer...to interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees in the exercise of the rights guaranteed in Section 7..." 

Please contact Statewide Organizers Craig Holzem or Hallie Jennerman with your questions regarding your rights to self-organization:

Craig Holzem
(715) 498-1615
Fax - (262) 798-1837

Hallie Jennerman
(262) 798-1818
Fax - (262) 798-1837

Chad Ratz
(608) 345-1073
Fax - (262) 798-1837 

Substance Abuse Testing and Assistance Program (SATAP) booklet in pdf form can be accessed through the link below. 

Substance Abuse Testing and Assistance Program booklet.pdf



Top row from left to right

Scott Bartz, Don Athas, Stu Wilson, Brad Kalcic, Mike Mooney, Josh Garner, Scott Knocke, Dan Wippich, Craig Wagner, Craig Holzem

Bottom row from left to right

Chad Ratz, Ken Liebenstein, Ben Norberg, Troy Issacson, Matt Forster, Jake Olson


Michael Mooney
President/Business Manager
(262) 798-1818 ext. 112
1-800-242-5822, ext. 112
Fax - (262) 798-1837
e-mail: mmooney@smwlu18.org

Scott Knocke
Financial Secretary-Treasurer
(262) 798-1818 ext. 114
1-800-242-5822, ext. 114
Fax - ((262) 798-1837
e-mail: sknocke@smwlu18.org

Scott Bartz
Vice-President/Business Representative - Madison / Janesville
(608) 576-3563
Fax - (262) 798-1837
e-mail: sbartz@smwlu18.org

Bradley Kalcic
Recording Secretary/Business Representative
(262) 945-1996
Fax - (262) 798-1837
e-mail: bkalcic@smwlu18.org

Stu Wilson
Business Representative - Milwaukee Area 
(262) 798-1818 ext. 113
Fax - (262) 798-1837
e-mail: swilson@smwlu18.org

Don Athas
Business Representative - Milwaukee Area 
(262) 798-1818 ext. 116
Fax - (262) 798-1837 
e-mail: dathas@smwlu18.org

Craig Wagner
Business Representative - Eau Claire / La Crosse / Wausau Areas
(715) 498-1926
Fax - (262) 798-1837
e-mail: cwagner@smwlu18.org

Matthew Van Der Puy
Business Representative - Fond du Lac / Manitowoc / Sheboygan Areas
(920) 889-0638
Fax - (262) 798-1837
e-mail: mvanderpuy@smwlu18.org

Dan Wippich
Business Representative - Fox Valley Area
(920) 819-7300
Fax - (262) 798-1837
e-mail: dwippich@smwlu18.org


Executive Board

The Executive Board of Local #18 is composed of 10 members, including the President, Vice-President and Recording Secretary. This body meets on a monthly basis to carry out the general operation of the local union - including, but not limited to, the executive administrative and judicial powers of SMWIA Local Union #18.



Troy Isaacson
Executive Board Memnber
Matthew Forster
Executive Board Member
Benjamin Norberg
Executive Board Member
Brian Larson
Executive Board Member
Brett Cadman
Executive Board Member
Ken Liebenstein
Executive Board Member
Jacob Olson
Executive Board Member
Gary Hunter
Matt Wied
Jesse Rumpff
Mark LaMothe
Andrew Norberg