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Sheet Metal

The courses provided by the training facilities affiliated with the International Training Institute (ITI) can offer high-quality education and training aimed to prepare you for a fulfilling lifetime career in the sheet metal sector.

Through the ITI, SMART and our management partners collaborate to make sure that members are prepared for the jobs of the future and that the sector has a skilled workforce to meet new challenges.

In order to improve the abilities of apprentices and journeymen, SMART local unions formed 148 Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees (JATCs) across the United States and Canada. All apprenticeship courses combine classroom instruction with on-the-job training to enhance the effectiveness of our training and better prepare our members.

In the years to come, we think apprentices and new members will significantly shape what it means to be a union sheet metal worker. The stronger our union will be in the future, the more each of us will invest in our apprenticeship programs today. We collaborate with our industry partners to develop training that will equip sheet metal members to adapt to and benefit from changes as technology transforms the workplace, particularly but not exclusively construction sites.


It can be challenging for both seasoned and new union members to negotiate the issues of the transportation sector, whether they relate to employer relations, worker safety, or the laws and regulations that regulate the sector. For this reason, SMART TD places a lot of attention on training new officeholders, educating seasoned officers, and assisting new members through local mentorship.

The SMART TD regional meetings served as the source for many of these educational initiatives for many years. Alternatives to the conventional big gatherings that had covered our union’s many workshops about themes like local governance, safety rules, and employee grievances had to be modernized due to the disruptive impacts of the 2019 coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). As a result, SMART University was founded and the development of SMART TD’s educational programs for remote delivery was sped up.

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The online platform for SMART University will update our educational outreach and offer the members more educational options in a comprehensive yet efficient manner. Given that both union executives and members frequently work irregular hours, the informational and educational programs required to strengthen our union will be accessible digitally, around-the-clock. Our educational and training programs are strengthened by the SMART University platform’s efforts, along with those of our leaders who organize streamlined events that focus on many states (SMART TD mini-regional meetings), making them more accessible than at any other point in our organization’s history. New educational modules will be added and updated as the SMART TD University platform expands to offer more comprehensive educational possibilities.

In the past, this organization has created top-notch educational and training programs for both officers and the public membership. By leaving something of enduring value for the group and its members, SMART TD established its legacy. We are aware that strong leadership develops members’ capacity for learning, reflection, and deriving meaning from their learning. All members and leaders are invited to learn more about the upcoming training and educational opportunities at SMART University.

Membership Benefits


A multi-employer pension plan operates when a group of employers pool their funds together to provide a pension benefit for its participants.


For up to 12 weeks per pregnancy, a weekly SASMI Maternity Benefit may be available to you if you are unable to work due to being pregnant or having just given birth.


To safeguard them in the event of layoff or protracted illness, TD members have comprehensive health and dental insurance policies as well as unemployment and sickness benefits.

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