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Uniting Retirees: Connecting, Celebrating, and Staying Informed with Local Clubs

Retiree’s Club

Within our jurisdiction, Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union No. 18 takes great pride in fostering a sense of community and continued engagement among our retirees. We’ve established a series of retiree groups that are organized by location, creating a supportive network for those who’ve transitioned into retirement.

These retiree clubs provide a platform for our retired members to come together, not just as colleagues, but as friends. It’s a place where stories are shared, laughter is abundant, and cherished memories are created. The camaraderie among retirees is truly heartwarming, creating a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Retirees information;

Milwaukee Retirees contact person, Chuck Williams 414-769-9182

Sheboygan Retirees Contact person, Steve Landgraf 920-946-1642

But it’s not all about reminiscing; our retiree clubs offer a vibrant social scene. Members embark on exciting outings, explore new interests, and relish the simple pleasure of spending time with like-minded individuals who share a history of hard work and dedication.

Moreover, these clubs serve as an invaluable source of information. Local business representatives frequently join our gatherings to provide updates on the latest happenings within the Union. It’s an opportunity for retirees to stay informed about the current state of affairs, ensuring they remain connected to the Union’s ongoing activities and developments.

If you’re a retiree looking to connect with one of our retiree clubs in your area, we encourage you to refer to the list below. Each club is represented by a dedicated local contact, ready to assist and guide you in your journey. Simply reach out to the provided contact number, and you’ll be warmly welcomed into the fold of our retiree community. Your new adventure awaits, and we’re excited to share it with you.

What We Do

Our Values

At Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union No. 18, our core values are the compass guiding our every action. We proudly welcome all working people into our membership, standing firm against discrimination, harassment, and bullying based on any personal characteristic. We believe in the strength of diversity and continuously strive to create a more inclusive, united community.

More About Us

Our journey traces back to the founding days of our predecessor unions, and from that historic legacy, we’ve evolved into a vibrant force representing a diverse range of industry sectors. Our history is a testament to our resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to the welfare of our members and their families.

Mission Statement

The Local 18 Retirees Committee unites members across generations, securing the retirement and benefit plans of all our esteemed members. In our monthly gatherings, we engage with knowledgeable speakers, addressing topics crucial to our retired members. Together, we devise strategic pathways to secure retirement well-being for all within our union.

Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 18 holds a profound respect for the legacy of those who paved the way before us. Our great union was built upon the sacrifices of many, and we have to ensure that future generations benefit from a robust and thriving SMW 18. With collaborative leadership, unwavering solidarity, and active engagement from both current and retired members, the future of SMW shines just as brilliantly as its storied past.

The Member Advantage

Being part of SMART means more than just earning higher wages and enjoying a safer workplace. With over 200,000 members strong, we harness our collective power to negotiate significant discounts with banks, lenders, and service providers. We continuously expand and enhance the benefits you receive as a union member, ensuring that you always receive the support and resources you need to thrive in your career and in life.

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