Wage Rates For Wisconsin

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Find out how much you could potentially make for your county in Wisconsin.

Wages and Working Conditions

Sheet Metal Workers Wage Rates Wisconsin

Even while production has improved throughout the years, workers are not getting paid for their efforts.

SMART and the labor movement have consistently supported laws that support an economy with wages high enough for employees to support their families. SMART works to oppose policies that limit the rights of workers and to support laws that ensure that the wealth produced by our labor is equitably distributed.

We support a wide range of policies to enhance living wages by strengthening and implementing robust worker rights and collective bargaining in our industries and the entire economy of our two countries in order to realize these goals. SMART works to ensure that workers have a powerful voice when they band together to ensure that their interests are represented, whether it be the minimum wage or prevailing wages in the construction industry, the fight for a safe working environment for freight rail workers in railyards and beyond, pay equity for women and people of color, the protection of people who work on passenger trains, buses, or for transit agencies from violence, the restoration of federal overtime protections, or putting an end to wage theft.

Wages By Area

*The wage sheet is available for download on the working area map below. Click on your work area to download.

Scott Knocke
President/Business Manager
(262) 798-1818 ext. 112
1-800-242-5822, ext. 112
Fax – (262) 798-1837
e-mail: sknocke@smwlu18.org

Brad Kalcic
Financial Secretary-Treasurer
(262) 798-1818 ext. 114
1-800-242-5822, ext. 114
Fax – ((262) 798-1837
e-mail: bkalcic@smwlu18.org

Map of Wisconsin Eau Claire Wausau Fox Valley La Crosse Dane Madison Sheboygan Milwaukee Racine

Dan Wippich
Business Representative – Fox Valley Area
(920) 819-7300
Fax – (262) 798-1837
e-mail: dwippich@smwlu18.org

Matthew Van Der Puy
Business Representative – Fond du Lac / Manitowoc / Sheboygan Areas
(920) 889-0638
Fax – (262) 798-1837
e-mail: mvanderpuy@smwlu18.org

Stu Wilson
Business Representative – Milwaukee Area
(262) 798-1818 ext. 113
Fax – (262) 798-1837
e-mail: swilson@smwlu18.org

Jake Olson
Business Representative – Milwaukee Area
(262) 798-1818 ext. 116
Fax – (262) 402-4359
e-mail: jolson@smwlu18.org

Michael Thomas
Recording Secretary/Business Representative – Racine / Kenosha Areas
(262) 933-1006
Fax – (262) 798-1837
e-mail: mthomas@smwlu18.org

Scott Bartz
Vice-President/Business Representative – Madison / Janesville Areas
(608) 576-3563
Fax – (262) 798-1837
e-mail: sbartz@smwlu18.org

Craig Wagner
Business Representative – Eau Claire / La Crosse / Wausau Areas
(715) 498-1926
Fax – (262) 798-1837
e-mail: cwagner@smwlu18.org


Craig Holzem

Statewide Organizer
(715) 498-1615
Fax – (262) 798-1837

Hallie Jennerman

Director of Organizing
(262) 875-1635
Fax – (262) 798-1837

Chad Ratz

Statewide Organizer
(608) 345-1073
Fax – (262) 798-1837