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Our Local Union offers a variety of ways for members to get involved. Find out below how you can be a part of strengthening this Union.

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Getting Involved As A Member

The Campaign for Jobs, a membership mobilization initiative of the Sheet Metal Workers Local Union No. 18, strives to strengthen our union’s culture, empower our community through acts of kindness, and secure future employment opportunities through project labor agreements. Every event we host—referred to as an “action”—is focused on members coming together to support the goals of our union.

Sheet Metal Workers Union of Wisconsin
Sheet Metal Workers Union of Wisconsin

Making A Difference

The Action Committee is a vibrant organization inside the Union that anyone interested in contributing can join on a voluntary basis. The Action Committee is in charge of directing attention in the region toward the cities we want to spend time enhancing, the projects we want to concentrate our efforts on obtaining under a Project Labor Agreement, and they are in charge of bringing election endorsements forward to Local 18’s Executive Board and ultimately onto the Membership.

Membership Benefits


A multi-employer pension plan operates when a group of employers pool their funds together to provide a pension benefit for its participants.


For up to 12 weeks per pregnancy, a weekly SASMI Maternity Benefit may be available to you if you are unable to work due to being pregnant or having just given birth.


To safeguard them in the event of layoff or protracted illness, TD members have comprehensive health and dental insurance policies as well as unemployment and sickness benefits.

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