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SMART 18 Scholarship Program

A scholarship program has been developed by Sheet Metal Workers International Union Local No. 18 to support spouses or children of union members who intend to pursue further education in vocational or college programs.

Scholarship America®, the largest national designer and manager of scholarships and other educational support programs for individuals, corporations, foundations, and associations, is in charge of overseeing the program. Scholarship America’s evaluation staff reviews eligible applications, and each program’s eligibility is decided at the sponsor’s exclusive discretion.

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For the SMART 18 Scholarship Program, candidates need to be:

a dependent* child, under the age of 25, of a full-time, dues-paying member of SMART Local No. 18 who has been a member for at least two years as of the application deadline.

*Dependent children are children who are not married and who are included as dependents on the federal income tax return of the plan participant, or eligible member.


a legal spouse, under the age of 25, of a full-time, dues-paying member of SMART Local No. 18, who has been a member for at least two years as of the application deadline.

Students who intend to attend full-time in undergraduate studies at a recognized two-year or four-year college, university, or vocational-technical institution for the duration of the next academic year are either current postsecondary undergraduates or seniors or graduates from high school.

Grandchildren of members are not eligible.


The student will be given the following reward if they are chosen as the recipient:

a $4,000 SMART Local 18 Award. There’ll be nine (9) prizes given away.
$6,000 is the Essay Impact Award prize. The student who answers the essay question the best will receive one (1) award.
Although awards are not reappeared, students who satisfy the eligibility standards may do so each year.

Only undergraduate studies is eligible for awards.

By late April, all candidates will get notifications.

The awarding of scholarships
Scholarship America manages scholarship funds on behalf of Local No. 18 of the Sheet Metal Workers International Union.

Payment is made in August.

It is required that you upload the following files with your application:

a complete and up-to-date grade transcript. Reports on grades are not allowed. Names of the students, school, grades, and credit hours for each course taken during each term must be listed on transcripts.
NOTE: You will need to upload a copy of your test score report(s) separately if you are presenting SAT or ACT test results and those results are not on your high school transcript. These scores are not necessary if you are uploading a transcript from your college.

The deadline for submitting one online recommendation form on your behalf is March 6, 2024, at 3:00 PM Central Time.

If you have not electronically submitted all of the necessary materials, your application is not complete.

Recipients of scholarships are chosen based on:

academic history
demonstrated initiative and involvement in community and educational affairs
Experience at work
An essay of 1,000 characters
unusual conditions in one’s life or family
An internet suggestion
Need for money is not taken into account.

Scholarship America is responsible for choosing the beneficiaries. No officer or member of Sheet Metal Workers International Union Local No. 18 is involved in the selecting process at any time.

Not every program candidate will be chosen to receive funding. Every applicant consents to recognize the outcome as final.

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